Lazer leveling a grain bin slab. Getting it ready to put down precast slabs

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Bin Slab
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6ft X 6ft slabs
concrete half slab
3ft X 6ft slabs
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6ft X 6ft waterbowl slab
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stamped concrete for cattle slabs and waterbowl slabs
vacuume pack
vacuume pack for easy installation
stencilled concrete, decorative concrete
stencilled concrete now available

Thickness of slabs are 6 inch, 5 inch, and 4 inch and come in 6ft by 6ft or 3ft by 6ft and any size from 3ft by 6ft to 6ft by 6ft

$4.60/sqft or $165.60 for 6 inch full slab           Weight is 1200 kg

$4.25/sqft or $153.00 for 5 inch full slab           Weight is 1000 kg

$3.90/sqft  or $140.40 for 4 inch full slab          Weight is 800 kg

$4.60/sqft  or $82.80 for 6 inch half slab           Weight is 600 kg

$4.25/sqft or $76.50 for 5 inch half slab            Weight is 500 kg

$3.90/sqft or $70.20 for 4 inch half slab            Weight is 400 kg

$6.00/sqft or $216 for stencilled 4" slabs

$153 for 5" Waterbowl pad

$140.40 for 4" Waterbowl pad

Triangles available upon request